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Why Become a Member?

OASIS provides its members with the opportunity to participate in clinical improvement programs that maximize patient outcomes for those undergoing immunotherapy treatment. We provide our members access to resources for leveraging purchasing, third party administrative services and professional services. By becoming a member, you will be assisted with financial and operational improvement so that together we can create a network of successful independent otolaryngology practices.

Benefits of Joining OASIS

We have over 200 physician members and we are growing. Our network creates efficiencies and synergies between our members to meet our mutual goals. As a member your practice will be able to take part in:

  • Clinical outcomes improvement projects
  • Best practice in allergy treatment
  • Collegial resources for ENT and allergy treatment
  • CEUs for program participation
  • Free participation in our annual symposium
  • Developing and guiding future initiatives

“We wanted to help stabilize smaller groups as well as keep other practices from being purchased by hospitals. Our focus is on the promotion of successful independent otolaryngology practices.”

Thinking About Joining?

Below are some of the most common questions people have along with answers from our members.

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Allergy EDGE

Allergy EDGE is the best-practice solution for the provision of allergy immunotherapy. From patient intake through the testing process and explanation of test results, our software and treatment protocols promote the best outcomes for both your patients and your practice.


Seamlessly integrate patient data across our 100 percent digital Allergy EDGE platform.


Detailed reporting tools are designed to assist you in optimizing efficiencies and adding to your bottom line.


Protect your patients and reduce risks in your practice with error-free mixing procedures.

Quality Initiatives

OASIS participating physicians will invoke the following clinical standards with the goal of improving patient clinical outcomes:

  1. Physicians will assess allergen-specific IgE sensitivity and document it prior to immunotherapy treatment (IT).
  2. Physicians will assess asthma symptoms prior to administration of allergen IT injections.
  3. Physicians will document the consent process for subcutaneous allergen IT in the medical record.

Additional quality improvement protocols and algorithms will be developed, implemented and monitored for patient outcome improvement. All therapy modifications will be vetted by the OASIS Quality Improvement Committee led by physicians board certified in Otolaryngology and Allergy.

With Allergy EDGE, these three quality initiatives can be implemented successfully with features that include test tracking, customized screening questions and document sharing.